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Elevator Inspections Past Due in Baltimore

There are questionable reports on the internet about how many elevators in the world, but the one fact that seems to line up is that the number is in the millions. When you factor in the notion that every building with a need for elevators probably needs more than one, this number is probably right on the money. In a year, you might have to get on close to a hundred elevators a year, depending on your visits to large buildings. So how would you feel if a percentage of those were not properly inspected?

In Baltimore, there is an overwhelming problem with elevators being past their expiration dates with inspections, according to a news story from ABC2:

“For two decades, Paul Cole, installed and tested elevators. Then in 2009, he started inspecting. At the time, the state couldn’t keep up with demand for elevator and escalator inspections.

There was a backlog according to DeJuliis, so at that point, so private elevator inspections were turned over to third parties. Cole’s company, Allsafe Elevator Inspections, was born. He explains, “I know how things should be and just looking at certain things it pops right out at me most of the time.”

The elevator inspector says in the article that the inspection is definitely top to bottom, checking codes and cars. He rides each level and looks for anything out of order. This keeps the clients compliant and each elevator within code. Even if an elevator gets a little past its due date, it’s not a huge deal until a certain point:

“Cole is diligent, but for others, it can be tough to keep current with those cards. He explains, “I think it’s a big deal if it’s more than two months.’ As of March of this year, we found that of 6,917 elevators in the Baltimore metro area, more than 800 were past due. 354 had missed their inspection by six months or more and a whopping 196 were overdue by at least a year according to the state database maintained on their website.”

Although this story is only about elevators in Maryland, you should inform the appropriate building managers or business owners if elevators are out of code. It could mean the difference between getting stuck or not.




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