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Elevator Innovations Use Technology to Increase Speed and Efficiency

Elevators have certainly come a long way from the days when cabs were hoisted by rope and pulley systems – now they can choose the fastest cab for individual riders. Some elevators even work magnetically by levitating the entire cab. These so-called magnetic elevators use the same technology that is also used by high speed Maglev trains, which can travel faster than 250 miles per hour. According to this article, the magnetic elevators that are being developed currently move slower than standard systems, but provide a smoother, quieter and more comfortable ride. These elevators will also use a much smaller power to passenger ratio, saving energy while transporting people.

As mentioned before, there are new elevator systems that can streamline the boarding process and efficiency of Brinkley Plaza in Memphis, TN, recently had elevator giant ThyssenKrupp Elevator Corporation install a state-of-the-art elevator system that does just that, allowing riders to choose their floor before boarding the appropriate cab. This system is called Destination Dispatch and is already in place on only the ground floor at two other Memphis buildings, but Brinkley Plaza’s installation has touch screen kiosks on each floor, providing an even faster boarding process for riders. The kiosks allow passengers to choose a floor or a business from the menu and then pick out the most efficient cab for that traveler to take.

Currently, a company called Schindler Elevation Corporation is taking Destination Dispatch to a new level, making the system available to any building, regardless of elevator brand, style or age. This made possible by Schindler ID, an interface that gives elevator systems easier-to-manage traffic systems, efficient system power management and individual human interaction for customized keycards. As these companies continue to develop new methods and ideas for streamlining elevator usage, the aforementioned systems are becoming more and more transparent to passengers, making the process more fluid than ever before.


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