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Elevator Industry Launches homeSAFE Campaign to Educate Homeowners

home elevatorLeaders in the home elevator industry announced last week the launch of a campaign called homeSAFE (Safety Awareness For Elevators) to educate the public about the safe installation, operation, and maintenance of residential elevators.

Over the past 10 years, the demand for home elevators has grown dramatically due to an aging population and falling installation costs. However, information about installation and maintenance of home elevators could be difficult for homeowners to find. The homeSAFE Campaign was created to address that need and educate consumers about home elevator installation standards, inspection requirements, regular maintenance, and safe operation, especially in homes with children.

The homeSAFE Campaign is the first industry-wide comprehensive resource to provide information on elevator safety for consumers. In the past, this information was spread among many websites or not readily available to the public. The leaders of the campaign hope that by having all of this information available in one place, home elevator owners will be able to follow best practices and have more control over safety in their homes.

The Campaign’s website includes a wealth of easy-to-understand information, including safety tips and checklists, interactive diagrams and infographics, answers to frequently asked questions, and advice for homeowners on working with elevator dealers, inspectors, and mechanics. The Campaign’s website also offers information packets that homeowners can download and share with others.

The homeSAFE Campaign’s partners include the Association of Members of the Accessibility Equipment Industry, the National Association of Elevator Contractors, the National Association of Elevator Safety Authorities International, and ThyssenKrupp Access.


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