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Elevator Etiquette: Rules for Riding

Elevator Etiquette

From where you should stand to striking up a conversation, there are many things you need to know to avoid elevator taboos. You will be expected to follow these unwritten rules whenever you ride an elevator. Follow these tips on proper etiquette for riding on an elevator so you do not offend any of the other passengers.

Riding the Elevator

When to talk – Conversations are generally discouraged on elevators. You may continue a conversation that was started before boarding, but lewd jokes and topics that could offend others should be refrained until exiting the elevator. If you wish to start a conversation with someone, keep them short so they do not become an awkward situation when one of you exits the elevator.

Personal space – Touching is considered inappropriate and if you accidentally bump into another passenger you should apologize immediately. Always respect the personal space of the other riders.

Pressing the buttons – Do not re-press buttons for floors that someone has already hit, it will not get you there any faster. This is considered disrespectful to the person who already selected that floor. If you are near the buttons, you will be expected to press the buttons for other riders to eliminate them from having to reach around people.

Riding with baggage – If you need to ride an elevator and you have baggage, it is respectful to wait for an empty car. If you must board an occupied elevator, make sure there is enough room for you and your bags, without violating the personal space of others.

Health issues – If you happen to be sick while riding an elevator, it is proper etiquette to not touch the buttons with your bare hands. If you can, it is common courtesy to wait for an empty elevator to avoid getting others sick. If you must ride with other passengers, try to keep your mouth covered. Whenever you are in an elevator you should cover your mouth when sneezing. NEVER smoke in an elevator.

Stopping the elevator – The emergency stop button is for emergencies only. Never use this button for any personal reasons.

Using the elevator for cargo – Using a passenger elevator to transport cargo is not recommended. If it is imperative, try to avoid stopping the elevator for long periods of time so you do not inconvenience regular riders.

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