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Double Decker Elevators on the Rise

There is constantly a need for more room in elevator cabins all over the world. Every morning, hundreds of thousands of businesspeople walk into their office buildings and need to quickly ascend to their floor. This is definitely an issue in large skyscrapers that house thousands and thousands of people consistently needing to ride the elevator. Luckily, in areas that need them, one company is considering a new innovation that may speed up the elevator problems.

An article in Business Standard talks about one company considering the development of double decker elevators that would be implemented in buildings with 30 floors or more. These elevators would initially be added to buildings in India – the inner workings would save a lot of time:

“Hyundai Elevator Company of Korea is initially targeting Mumbai and Gurgaon for the product, through its joint venture, Kinetic Hyundai Elevators and Movement Technologies, Pune. A double-deck elevator comprises two cars, one mounted atop the other. Both operate on a single shaft. This allows passengers on consecutive floors to use the elevator simultaneously. 

The lower car serves odd-numbered floors while the upper serves even-numbered ones. The double-deck could also be used to transport goods simultaneously with passengers.”

Aside from the time saving measures these elevators would add, they will actually occupy less room in skyscrapers, which allot a large amount of space for elevators normally. Surprisingly, double decker elevators also move significantly faster than standard lifts, adding more than 500 meters a minute to the speed.

The article says that no matter what the benefits of this elevators are, Hyundai Elevator Company is having some issues finding clients for the project, even with interest from Otis. However useful for businesses and office buildings, this type of elevator won’t be present in the residential elevator and home elevator market.



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