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Don’t Look Down in This Elevator

LG Elevator AdSince this blog is all about the world of mobility devices like elevators, stair lifts and other such tools, we write all about how residential installations of these machines can help elderly and disabled people. However, it is also important to realize how essential elevators are in bigger buildings like offices, malls and other public structures. All in all, we discuss these issues a lot, so sometimes it is fun to get outside the box. We have done so with posts about elevators in movies and about elevator advertisements.

We’ve seen a lot of elevator advertisements, but this one might be the best…and most terrifying. According to Mashable, LG – a purveyor of electronics and other high-end goods – has found a way to show off its wares while scaring lift riders senseless:

“To show off just how life-like the picture on its monitors can be, the company re-fitted the bottom of an elevator with the screens. The brand then recorded people’s reactions as the monitors — screens pointed up — displayed what looked like the bottom of the elevator floor dropping out. True, you could probably do that with a lot of monitors, but LG thought of it first.”

Captured in a security camera-based commercial, passengers reacted in hilarious ways, from moving towards the elevator doors to grabbing the rails in the cabin. The article says that no one suffered any strokes or heart attacks during the promotion. While we were impressed by the originality, some have claimed that the commercial is a hoax. From Mashable:

“Chief among the complaints about the video is the switch in perspective. As one commenter points out, when the shot inside the elevator is from the ceiling, you see straight down the elevator shift. But when the view changes to inside the elevator, you see the side of the shaft.”

Either way, this ad campaign uses the amount of time that we spend in elevators to great effect, showing how our perception of elevator cabins can be manipulated.


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