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Details about the Vision 830 Elevator

Choosing to install an elevator in your home can be a difficult yet important decision to make.. If someone is disabled or handicapped, getting around his/her own home can often prove challenging. Even chair lifts might not provide enough mobility and flexibility. When faced with the realities of being unable to freely move around your own home, deciding to get a home elevator may be just the right option for you and your family’s future.

This is where the Vision 830 Elevator comes in. The Vision 830 is one of the best home elevators on the market, the primary reason being that it doesn’t require any major construction to be done to your home. One major concern of homeowners contemplating the installation of a home elevator is the amount of space required, but the Vision 830 requires no shaft, no pit, and no machine room, making it simple to integrate into existing home structures.

Here are some of the other notable features available on the Vision 830 Elevator:

  • Can carry up to 830 pounds capacity
  • Moves at speeds of up to 30 floors per minute.
  • Variable speed drive system for smooth, quiet operation
  • Standard cab platform of 52″ diameter or 13.44 Sq. Ft.
  • Interior cab reaches a height of 7 feet
  • Travel capability of up to 40 feet with 5 stops
  • Totally wheelchair accessible
  • Automatic emergency cab lighting for added safety
  • Emergency alarm and stop buttons
  • Recessed ceiling light for increased visibility at night
  • Illuminated haloed push buttons in car
  • Automatic timed lighting
  • Standard black color
  • Balcony Ring ( custom option )
  • Custom colors ( custom option )
  • Flush floor ring on first landing if 3″ pit is provided ( custom option )

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