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Destination Dispatch Helps to Improve Elevator Efficiency

from buzzle.comDestination dispatch is an optimization system for multi-elevator systems that groups passengers with the same destination into the same elevators to reduce waiting and travel time. Passengers enter their destinations using a key pad, touch screen, or proximity card and are directed to the next elevator that will be traveling to that floor.

Two destination dispatch configurations are currently in use. In the hybrid configuration, destination hall panels are only located on the busiest floor, such as the lobby, or on select floors. Other floors have conventional up-and-down buttons, and floor buttons are operational inside the car. This configuration helps to improve traffic flow from the busiest floor and is helpful in buildings with heavy up peak traffic, when most riders are going up, such as at the beginning of a work day. Handicap mode is generally not supported in this configuration, except on the main floor that uses a keypad.

In a full configuration system, destination hall panels are located on each floor and elevators receive destination information from all floors to provide the most expeditious service for complex traffic patterns. This system does not have floor buttons – only door open and close and emergency buttons. Handicap mode is supported in this configuration. The full configuration is more popular than the hybrid.

Destination dispatch offers several benefits over traditional elevator systems. It can reduce waiting and travel times since the elevators do not make unnecessary stops, improve efficiency and performance, create better organization of traffic flow in building lobbies, and improve accessibility by allowing a passenger with limited mobility to move to the necessary car in advance.

The performance of destination dispatch systems can be impaired somewhat if one person enters the destination for a group of people going to the same floor or presses the button for the same floor multiple times, since the elevator system will not know how many passengers are actually going to that particular floor. This can be prevented by assigning users RFID cards that identify them and their destinations.

Destination dispatch systems are becoming increasingly popular and have been used in skyscrapers around the world.


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