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DC Metro’s Elevators and Escalators Dilemma

Elevators are a critical means of transportation, especially for handicapped and disabled citizens. They allow these people to get from floor to floor of buildings and other structures without any cause for concern. The same goes for escalators, which are quite useful to everyone and move traffic along as quickly as possible in high volume areas. For this fact alone, these motorized means of transportation are crucial in urban areas and public transit stations. The current dismal state of Washington, D.C.’s escalators and elevators within its Metro system is causing a major crisis in the city at this very moment.

Over the past few weeks, Washington, D.C.’s public transit system has hit a wall. It is unable to quickly and efficiently move passengers from area to area because of failing escalators and elevators. Many of the reasons for these massive outages stem from a shrinking budget coupled with higher operating costs of the D.C. Metro Line, the city’s subway system.

Things have gotten so dire that the Washington Post has created a blog post updating readers on the number of stations that have escalators and elevators out of service. The scale of this crisis actually has one group releasing an article calling the failures “The Crumbling of the D.C. Metro.” The author actually had this to say:

“Today, access to the system is made difficult by broken escalators and elevators all over the system; service can be slow and unpredictable; cars are dirty and crowded; air conditioning systems sometimes provide mediocre cooling in DC’s sweltering summer heat.”

I’m just glad the elevators in my area still work.


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