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Custom Elevators

Making a home handicap accessible can be a challenge. Many added features could be costly and unflattering to your home. A custom elevator is a new innovation in handicap accessibility that gives the owner a beautiful way to move about their home freely. In a recent episode of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition a family with a handicap son was given a new home with their very own custom elevator. According to, the custom elevator allowed the child to access every room of his new home without a struggle or help from his family members.

“I can get around my house… I can get my own food… that’s a first,” says Garrett.

“And well, I can get around my house I can get to my basement, I can get to the top floor. I can get everywhere,” he adds.

The elevator provided the Grommesh Family with a practical necessity that looked beautiful and classic. The elevator had a wooden door with red paneling and lights that danced around the ceiling, a capsule perfect for a little boy.

While the Grommesh’s custom elevator was designed with their son in mind, both residential and commercial elevators can be designed in a way that best suits you. Width and depth, color, shape and function can be taken and molded into a custom elevator that perfectly fits into your home and life.


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