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Creative Elevator Usage

Oreo ElevatorI remember when I was kid and my family went to Disney World. As a 6th or 7th grader, it was absolutely awesome to be in the middle of the best theme park in the world. Although I got to meet many of the characters from my favorite movies and visit amazing rides, there is one memory I’ll never forget – the elevators spoke to us as Goofy, Mickey and other characters. Each floor had its own Disney voice greeting us. It was truly astonishing to me.

While this may not be the same type of advertisement that many remember in elevators, the effect that such an ad can have is great. However, simply pasting up a poster on an elevator cabin wall is certainly not the best way to go about advertising in elevators. Here are my picks for the three best elevator advertisements:

Gold’s Gym – What better to show your fitness company’s strength than by displaying an image of a strongman prying apart the doors to display his ripped physique? This is a perfect use of not only the outside illusion of hands, but using the inside cabin as an attention grabber as well.

Becel – Done right, optical illusions can trick people into thinking they are somewhere they are not. These types of tricks also allow companies to force eye-grabbing marketing messages to elevator riders. Having the elevator door open up to a flight of stairs is definitely a way to get anyone to pay attention.

Oreo – This is definitely a case of saving the best for last. By using not just the cabin, but the actual lift design of this elevator, Nabisco was able to show an Oreo cookie being dunked into a glass of milk. Highlighting its product by utilizing the mechanics of this clear glass elevator, this Oreo ad wins my seal of approval.






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