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Coworkers Raise Money for Man’s Home Stairlift

There are a number of reasons why some people have difficulty with mobility. It could be due to age, disease or a plethora of other problems, but one thing is for sure – it can be damaging to your health and self-esteem if you cannot move freely throughout your home. This is just one of the reasons the mobility devices like elevators, wheelchair lifts and stairlifts are becoming more common in residential homes and not just in public buildings and businesses. However, this can sometimes come at a difficult cost in terms of finances.

That’s not the case in a recent story from the New York Daily News.  According to the newspaper, a Sanitation Department supervisor has some very charitable friends – they are helping raise money to buy him a home stairlift:

“Gary Siciliano, a 51-year-old veteran sanitation supervisor was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis – more commonly known as Gehrig’s disease. Siciliano’s condition has worsened in recent months. He lost the use of his arms and hands, according to his wife, Victoria. Breathing and swallowing is difficult, she said. And he is now losing the use of his legs.”

This situation has led many of Gary’s co-workers to lend their support in many ways, the article says. Although the sanitation workers donated money to install wheelchair ramps in the Siciliano household, Gary is having trouble making it up to his bedroom, due to a lack of strength. The next installation needed is a stairlift, and now the workers are working to get the money for the installation:

“District Superintendent Vinnie Palazzola and others have been also helping by making phone calls to see if Siciliano can get matching funds or donations to help pay for the stair lift – which will cost almost $10,000. They are also assisting with other tasks, including a frustrating go-round with his cell phone provider.”

No matter what condition one might have, it is always good to have the support of your friends and family, especially if you have difficulty moving around your home.


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