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Could you benefit from Installing a Pneumatic Elevator in your Home?

pneumatic elevator

Pneumatic elevators are slowly becoming more and more popular for residential use. If you or a family member has a physical impairment, have trouble using the stairs, or just want to increase the accessibility of your home, you can benefit from a pneumatic elevator. Affordable, easy to install, and energy efficient, the pneumatic elevator can be beneficial in any home.


There are many reasons why you could benefit from installing a pneumatic elevator in your home. For one, they make traveling between floors in your home a breeze. The independence that a person gains after installing a pneumatic elevator is priceless. Anyone with a physical disability or even someone confined to a wheelchair can enjoy the luxury of being able to access every floor of their home whenever they want.


Pneumatic elevators are much more affordable than other home elevators. They do not reqglass elevatoruire a machine room or pit, which drastically decreases the construction costs. They are easily installed into your home with little modifications needed. There are several different models to choose from, giving you different size options based on your needs. Their glass cylindrical design allows them to be installed almost anywhere in the home and give the room a modern look.

Energy Efficient

The technology that pneumatic elevators use allows for minimal energy consumption. The pneumatic drive system uses vacuum technology to literally suck the elevator cab up to higher floors. When the elevator goes down, almost no energy is consumed because gravity is used to descend the cab and a brake system is used to stop it at the desired floor. When using a pneumatic elevator in your home, you can be sure that your utility bills will no skyrocket thanks to their energy efficient drive system.


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