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Choosing a Stairlift for Your Home

Stair Lifts

Mobility in your home is one of the basic parts of any person’s day. Being able to move freely between floors allows you to have a public space and a private space in your house. This extends to the outside of your home as well, where it is essential that you can easily move up and down the stairs leading to your door. Unfortunately, many people with disabilities have trouble with home mobility. There are a number of options to help with these problems like home elevators and wheelchair lifts, but many people choose another option: stair lifts.

If you are considering installing a stair lift in your home, here are some tips to help you choose an appropriate model:

Safety First – Always consider your disability and/or mobility problems when looking at the safety standards of a stairlift. If the lift you are looking at has a seat belt that may not work for you, look at a model that has a more comfortable belt. Read the full list of safety features available on that particular stairlift. Does it have digital sensors that cut power to the chair in case of any impediments? Is it manufactured from high grade materials?

The Stairs – Look at the design of your home’s staircase(s). Common stairlifts come in a number of models and can be found in straightforward up-and-down models and curved models for spiral-style staircases. There are also custom options available from a number of manufacturers.

Your Needs – When it comes to the stair lift, the most important part is you. If you need a specialized chair for your disability, make sure you can get a model that is accommodating. You might prefer that your legs don’t dangle unprotected during travel, so make that a priority.

No matter what type of stairlift you need, speak with a company representative to ensure that your mobility device is perfect for you in your home.


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