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Choosing a Stair Lift for Homeowners

Stair lifts are arguably as ubiquitous as elevators in the buildings that we visit on a daily basis. This is probably truer when it comes to older buildings that need handicapped access but do not have room for a whole elevator. Since these older structures have looser restrictions when you consider safety regulations, stairlifts are usually the best option for many building managers. So what are some of the factors to consider when choosing a stairlift for your building or home?

Reliability – One of the biggest selling points when choosing a stair lift is the reliability of the product. This may seem like an obvious consideration, but it can be a burden for a handicapped homeowner to consistently have to bring in professionals to fix fault mechanics or other parts on a stairlift. It is an issue of safety and sometimes the money just isn’t available. Choose a good brand – don’t skimp.

Power Source – The power source for a stairlift can be a major area of concern for homeowners, even if it’s not a big problem for large building owners, who may have necessary plugs available for various sources. Normally, stair lifts will have an AC unit that you can plug into your normal power outlet. However, if power outages are a concern for you, you may want to have a stair lift installed with a DC power source as well.

Safety – There is no reason to buy a stairlift just because it is of a lower cost than another. You may be neglecting your safety if you do so. Make sure to purchase a stairlift that offers not only the standard safety features like guardrails and secure seat belts, but also emergency stop sensors that can shut off the unit if stability is compromised. Insist that the company you buy from also has strict safety standards and testing that can be checked with the proper regulators.


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