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Chicago Commuters Get New Ride

Having elevators in newly constructed buildings and areas with lots of foot traffic is a given in society. This has been discussed in this blog at length, primarily because of laws requiring that disabled citizens have the ability to travel anywhere freely and without restriction. However, new projects involving elevators and other handicapped-accessible equipment – like wheelchair lifts – have been going beyond the expected level of aid required.

This is the case at the Lisle Train Station, where a recent construction project has improved traffic with new elevators. According to the Chicago Tribune:

“Commuters will get a “free ride” when they use the new elevators installed in Downtown Lisle’s Train Station shelters. Commuters can then access both sides of the train tracks via a pedestrian underpass. The new elevators significantly improve accessibility for the traveling public and disabled.”

The project was completed due to a very sizable grant of almost $600,000, the article says. The grant comes from a group that primarily looks to improve the conditions of commuter stations along railway lines. The funding was sought out by the community, but was looked over in favor of other area projects. Luckily, the grant came through:

“The completed project includes installation of an elevator in two commuter shelters, located on both sides of the railroad tracks at the Main Street Station. The shelters are connected by a pedestrian underpass. New roofing of the shelters was also incorporated into the project.”

As the years go on, you will likely see more and more areas get funding to work on projects like this one at the Lisle Train Station. The ability for disabled and otherwise injured persons to move freely is incredibly important in many ways.


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