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Ceremony Held for New Elevators

There are many residential living communities that cater specifically to senior citizens and immobile persons who may need some assistance with daily activities and tasks. In these types of buildings, complexes and high rises, it is imperative that mobility is a major concern when any construction or changes are made.  However, when elevator breakdowns occur in areas like this, it can be very difficult for these communities to adjust, since a number of people are left unable to leave their homes. We have covered this subject in this blog before and have shown how important elevator maintenance and checks are in these places.

Luckily, this is not the case for some residents in Ohio’s Pilgrim Place apartments, who recently celebrated the opening of a brand new elevator. According to The Lima News:

‘More than a dozen of the complex’s 50 residents gathered in the community room Monday afternoon to celebrate the occasion with punch, chips and a sheet cake that read “Going up/Going Down.’ After almost two months of climbing steps, the building’s senior residents were ready to party. ‘This is something worth celebrating. It’s been a long couple of months,’ said Apartment Manager Judy Downard as she handed out slices of cake.”

The article says the lack of an elevator was caused by a bad cylinder. When the lift stopped working in mid-May, many tenants stopped taking trips out, finding difficulty in climbing the stairs in the six story building. Fortunately, building owners were helpful when it came to the situational difficulties:

“Residents weren’t completely homebound by the experience. The building’s owners hired someone to help residents up the stairs, provide people to make runs for groceries and prescriptions, and offered to relocate those who wanted to move to a complex with a working elevator.”

It’s always nice to see apartment managers taking responsibility for situations like this – fixing the elevator and aiding tenants as well.


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