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Canada Area Lax in Elevator Inspections

Elevators are used the world over, providing people with a number of valuable uses. Whether they are being used to help disabled or elderly persons move freely throughout their homes and public places or getting business professionals up skyscrapers quickly, lifts can really make life a bit better. However, if elevators are not cared for, they can become hard to use and potentially dangerous. While we have discussed how important elevator maintenance is, some places are still having issues making sure that inspections take place on a regular basis.

A lack of these inspections is the problem in Nunavut, a territory in Northern Canada. According to CBC News, this is due to a lack of inspectors capable of performing the task at hand. The article says:

“Government documents obtained by the CBC show more than three-quarters of the 81 elevators in the territory have not been inspected in the last five years, and some even longer. Records are either incomplete or missing altogether for some elevators including those in public buildings such as Nunavut Arctic College, Inuksuk High School and the Eight Storey apartment building in Iqaluit.”

A number of buildings in Nunavut haven’t been seen at all and inspections at some cannot even be verified. For instance, the article says an elevator at the new local hospital wing may have been inspected, but its report is blank. The head of protection services – Ed Zebedee – at the local government admits that the department has ‘fallen behind’:

“Zebedee said the elevators are safe but he admits his department could be doing better. The government plans to train current inspectors and update the records. He said a big problem is that there’s a lack of people to do the inspections. ‘Only three inspectors in the whole territory — electrical inspectors — do elevators when they have a chance to do so.’”

The area used to have inspections done annually, but those days are long gone. Hopefully Nunavut can begin making sure that all of its elevators are safe soon.


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