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Campus Elevators Remove Certification

The inside of an elevator cabin has very few features and usually isn’t much to look at. That is, unless you installed a custom home elevator in your residence. A lot of these cabins are truly beautiful, adding to the décor of your home. However, most office building elevators feature the same features that don’t really set them apart. One feature of each of these cabins is something we’ve all noticed, but probably haven’t paid attention to. Usually placed underneath the floor buttons, there is a glass window containing a slip of paper showing the elevator’s certification from a local authority.

Roosevelt University recently made a change that some have been questioning – it has removed these certificates from the cabins altogether. According to The Torch, there is a straightforward reason for doing so: Commercial Elevators

“Paul Matthews is the assistant vice president of Campus Planning and Operations. He said all of the university’s elevators are up to code. ‘The certificates are no longer to go in elevator cabs,’ he said. ‘They are to be put in elevator mechanical rooms, which is where auditors go, which makes more sense.’” 

The primary function of these certificates is to show that an elevator is up to code, the article says. This may be true, but this year the City of Chicago isn’t performing audits of all elevators, instead focusing on other issues. Matthews says that the elevators will get certificates back in about a year, but that the elevators were thoroughly inspected before the building opened in March. There will be further testing as well:

“The Auditorium Building elevators are currently going through the inspection process and are at ‘Work In Progress’ status. Matthew said that they will be load tested during break after fall semester. They will be loaded to their maximum weight limit to ensure that they are still functioning properly.”



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