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Barclays Center gets Innovative Elevator and Parking System

Barclays Center

The Barclays Center just had an upgrade so cool to their parking garage that even the Nets are impressed. The Brooklyn NBA team’s new elevator and parking system are the buzz around the league. Players’ cars and team buses are easily transported from the street into the underground parking area of the stadium.

Denver Nuggets forward Wilson Chandler, after using the innovative elevator system for the first time, recently said, “Just pulling up to it is just crazy. It’s very futuristic.” When you pull up to the arena along Dean Street, youCommercial Elevator will enter one of two, 14 ½ foot by 81 foot freight elevators that are manned and gated. The giant commercial elevator then takes you down 2 ½ stories underground to the private parking area. Once your ride is over, there is little room to maneuver your vehicle. To alleviate this problem, a turntable was installed at the bottom of the elevator. The massive turntable will rotate a vehicle to an angle that allows the driver to pull out and park. It can hold up to 100,000 pounds and rotate a full 360 degrees within four minutes.

The turntable is able to rotate away teams’ buses and is always impressing visitors. Daniel Brooks drives the visiting teams’ buses and said he can’t even count how many jaws have dropped after experiencing the new parking system at Barclays.

The high-tech system was created to save space and was used instead of huge driving ramps that are typically used at other sports venues. Los Angeles Laker forward Antawn Jamison said, “I wish I would have thought about that when I built my house, because that’s some 007 stuff.” It seems like everyone around the league is impressed with the innovative new elevator system.


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