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Baby Born in Elevator Nicknamed “Otis”

Elevator Baby

Last January, a baby was born on an elevator inside of Washington Hospital. This week, Blake “Otis” Thacker celebrated his first birthday and is doing great. His parents, Katie and Luke Thacker, will forever be remembered as having one of the most unorthodox births of all time.

On January 18, 2012, Katie and Luke Thacker rushed to the hospital in anticipation of their son being born. The events that followed may make soon to be mothers use the stairs from now on. Katie, Luke, two relatives, two nurses, and a midwife crowded onto a service elevator to go to the maternity ward. They were making the trip to the maternity ward, located on the 14th floor, when the elevator made an unexpected stop on the 12th floor. Luke, the two relatives, and one nurse decided to step off and take another elevator up so the elevator cab wouldn’t be so crowded.

The service elevator would never make it to the maternity ward on the 14th floor. After Otisthe elevator doors closed and it began to ascend it got stuck in the shaft. With no time to spare, Katie had to give birth to her son on the elevator. Thankfully one nurse and the midwife were in the elevator to help assist in a birth you could only dream up in the movies.

A mother reaches the hospital to give birth, the elevator is packed and makes an unexpected stop two floors below the maternity ward. The father-to-be and a nurse step out to take the next elevator to give more space for the mother going into labor. The elevator only needs to go two more floors when it gets stuck and the only option is to have the baby then and there just below the maternity ward! Disney may already be writing the script up for this fairytale.

At 5:45 AM, between floors 12 and 14, Blake “Otis” Thacker was born. Elevator technicians were able to get the doors open and Luke climbed down to cut his son’s umbilical cord. The mother’s only recollection of the event was saying, “Did I just have a baby in an elevator?”

One year later, the family is doing great, and the “elevator baby” celebrated his first birthday. Katie, however, has a new found fear of elevators. At the end of the day, Blake will always have a great first line, “Hi, my name is Blake, but my friends call me Otis, because I was born in an elevator.”


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