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Baby Born in Elevator named “Ella”

Baby Born on Elevator

Many parents name their kids after cities where they were conceived, after relatives, or even movie characters. But one baby in Europe was named after the place her mother was when she gave birth. A baby girl that was safely delivered in a broken down elevator has been rightfully named Ella.

Melissa Cavanagh called paramedics to her home when she started having contractions at her apartment in Rowley Regis. Her apartment is located on the ninth floor of her complex. After waiting for 20 minutes, Cavanagh came to terms with the fact her baby wasn’t going to wait much longer to enter the world.

Three paramedics arrived at the scene and quickly ruled out the option of using the stairs to get the heavily pregnant Cavanagh to the ambulance. Cavanagh, the three paramedics, and her boyfriend Paul Yeomans entered the elevator when it came grinding to a halt. While waiting for help, Cavanagh’s baby decided it was time to exit the womb. The paramedics had to deliver the baby girl right there inside the elevator.

One paramedic said that they could hear the fire department desperately trying to get into the elevator during the delivery. After 45 minutes of being trapped the firemen were able to pry open the doors and Cavanagh, her boyfriend, and newborn baby were able to be transported to the hospital.

Cavanagh gave birth to a healthy baby girl weighing 6 pounds and 10 ounces. In honor of where she was born, Cavanagh decided to name her baby “Ella”, short for elevator. That baby will definitely have a great story to tell when introducing herself at school when she gets older.

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