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Author of @GSElevator Tweets Never Worked for Goldman Sachs

Wall StreetFor three years, Wall Street executives have been trying to figure out the identity of the person sending tweets under the moniker @GSElevator. The Twitter account shared comments the author supposedly overheard in the elevators at Goldman Sachs. It turns out that he never worked there.

The author of the tweets has been identified as 34-year-old former bond executive John Lefevre, who lives in Texas. Lefevre was offered a job with Goldman Sachs in 2010, but he was not able to take the job due to a non-compete clause with his former employer. Lefevre said he never claimed in the tweets that he worked for Goldman Sachs and that the stories were about Wall Street in general, not about that particular firm.

The tweets revealed many elitist thoughts that the author said were common in the financial industry and how he believed Wall Street was out of touch with Main Street. Some of the tweets included insider information on deals making headlines. The tweets were intended to appeal to both Wall Street insiders and the general public . The Twitter account has about 630,000 followers.

Lefevre had tried to remain anonymous by removing his name and photos from most websites. Goldman Sachs had been investigating to uncover the identity of the person tweeting the comments, but some had speculated that the author was not really a Goldman Sachs employee.

The creation of the anonymous Twitter account has stoked discussion about the identities of authors and how much of what is tweeted should be believed.

Lefevre has an agreement to publish a book based on the tweets. The publisher expects the book project to move forward even though Lefevre did not work at Goldman Sachs.

Lefevre said that working on Wall Street was an eye-opening experience. He said he believed that many people were out of touch with average Americans and defined themselves by their jobs.


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