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Apex Wheelchair Lifts

Many people around the world struggle with everyday mobility that others might take for granted. Disabled and otherwise immobile people can be faced with the disheartening consequences of injury or illness that may place them in situations where movement around their own home is difficult. Luckily, there are a number of mobility devices available, like wheelchairs and scooters, but if you live in a multi-level home, it isn’t possible to move from floor to floor without ramps or complicated installations.

With Apex Wheelchair Lifts, you are in luck. Apex offers a number of economical and easy-to-operate wheelchair lifts that can be installed in residential and professional buildings. There are two main types of wheelchair lifts available at Apex’s new website:

Vertical Wheelchair Lifts – Vertical lifts are normally seen in office, shopping or other public areas. Put simply, they bring a stationary platform from one level to another in one easy action. These types of lifts can be made enclosed or not and offer a wide range of vertical motion, up to 6 feet. With a number of safety features – including a gate that prevents falls at the upper levels – these lifts are perfect for usage at businesses and offices.

Inclined Wheelchair Lifts – These lifts are most common within home environments, used to move a passenger up and down staircases within their residences. Straight inclined wheelchair lifts are excellent in homes with normal, straight ahead staircases and can be installed with no problems at all. Curved wheelchair lifts are the best choice for staircases with 90 degree, 180 degree and custom radius turns.

FApex Wheelchair Liftsor the best in wheelchair lifts, you should work with Apex. Aside from its selection of top notch mobility devices, Apex works in conjunction with Nationwide Lifts, a company which has locations all across the country. With 24/7 support – no automated messages – and a team of personnel located in every region of the United States, you will always be taken care of.


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