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Another Car Elevator?

As we all know, apartments in major cities like Los Angeles and New York City can be incredibly expensive. That’s why only people with high salaries and disposable income usually live in them. The amenities that can be found in these types of buildings are amazing – just consider the post I wrote a few weeks ago talking about the vehicular elevator being installed inside of a new skyscraper at Florida’s Sunny Isle Beach. Little did I know these types of elevators are being developed in various areas.

According to Business Insider, an apartment in New York’s Chelsea area has its own car elevator, upping the overall value of the apartment itself:

“The three-bedroom apartment, on 11th Avenue, is currently on the market for $7 million. At that price, the 300-square-foot “en suite sky garage” would be valued at more than $800,000, making it one of the most expensive places to park a car.”

The process works very much like the Sunny Isle Beach elevator, minus the robotic arm. An electronic garage opens with the swipe of a pass and the driver pulls insider. Take a quick left towards the opening elevator gate. Then the technology kicks in:

“Once the car is inside the elevator, a flat-panel display on the wall reminds the driver to shut off the engine. Infrared sensors monitor the car’s position and, when needed, the driver is prodded to back up or pull forward. The elevator automatically goes to the owner’s floor, where the driver backs the car into the garage space.”

Elevator safety is always a prime concern, even when it comes to car elevators. The article says that this NYC lift has a number of safety features, including fire-resistant walls, sprinkler systems and carbon monoxide detectors. Would you like to have a car elevator in your residence?



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