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An Elevator with a Royal Price Tag

In this blog, I have covered a number of elevators throughout the world that are known for extreme reasons. There have been some incredibly tall elevators with stunning (and sickening) views and also some elevators that have creative adverting that interacts with the opening and closing of the cabin. Sometimes there are elevators that may not be as special as those previously covered here, but one news story out of Australia is covering an elevator with a hefty price tag

According to this article from The Sydney Morning Herald, some Australians are angry over the cost of an elevator that was installed specifically for the Queen of England, who is coming to visit soon:

“The West Australian government has been criticized for spending more than $400,000 on a one-story elevator at Government House to accommodate the Queen when she visits Perth in October. In the state budget, the WA government said because the first floor of Government House was where all guests would stay and where the governor’s private suite was located, $445,000 would be spent on the purchase and installation of an elevator.”

The opposition to this elevator installation isn’t just due to the cost, but to several other factors, including the money spent on other fixes for this visit. This includes:

–          Driveway upgrades  of $201,000

–          Accommodation upgrades of $191,000

–          Several thousand dollars spent on catering setup and furnishings
Some Australian lawmakers are outraged at these costs, especially that of the one story elevator which will not be open to the public:

“…opposition spokesman John Hyde said funding for elevators would be better spent at venues where the senior citizens of Perth regularly went.’Homeswest residents at Stirling Towers in Highgate are battling old elevators that break down trying to get up 11 floors.’”



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