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An Elevator Shaft Bathroom

Home ElevatorThe world of elevators can be a very funny, interesting and sometimes strange place. We have discussed all types of elevators that fit into that last category – in fact, the stranger the better. One thing we haven’t really discussed is the elevator shaft – an empty silo shaped area within which an elevator is installed and operated. There are home elevators that do not require a large shaft area and some elevator installations don’t require a machine room or pit. Keeping this in mind, many buildings have these areas built in, in case a business or person decides they want one.

However, what do you do with an empty elevator shaft besides adding an elevator? You put a bathroom above it of course! At least that’s what you do if you are Hernandez Silva Arquitectos architecture firm. According to the Huffington Post, these architects used an elevator shaft as the floor of a bathroom installation, with a twist:


“[The bathroom is] suspended on a glass floor at the top of a 15-story elevator shaft, according to The Daily Mail. The bathroom is part of the PPDG Penthouse in Guadalajara, Mexico that architects Hernandez Silva Arquitectos say was designed with ‘concepts of transparency and the simplicity of materials’ in mind.”

The Daily Mail says the elevator column was initially intended for a second elevator installation project, but instead was converted into the ‘floor’ of a bathroom. This penthouse, located on top of a 1970s colonial Mexican building, is currently up for lease, for anyone who isn’t afraid of heights. Huffington Post says this isn’t the only high altitude bathroom though, even though one might think so:

“A waterless toilet that’s regarded as the highest in Europe in Mont Blanc, France sits at around 14,000 feet above sea level, according to Spiegel Online. Likewise, rumors persist that the highest interior space in the Chrysler Building is home to a porcelain throne.”

Would you ever place a bathroom over an empty elevator shaft?


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