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An Elevator Can Make Your Michigan Home More Accessible

If you or a loved one finds it difficult to go up and down the stairs in your Michigan home, a residential elevator from Nationwide Lifts could be the solution you need. We offer a wide selection of home elevators to fit homes of any size and style.

Freedom GreenOur line of Freedom elevators can help you or a family member easily and safely travel from floor to floor in your Michigan home. The Freedom Green elevator has an energy-efficient motor and does not require a separate machine room. This economical elevator features a cab crafted with recycled/recovered wood content. It can carry up to 1,000 pounds and can travel 50 feet and six stops.

The Freedom Hydro hydraulic home elevator is smooth and quiet. It can also carry 1,000 pounds up to 50 feet and six stops. Unlike the Green model, the Hydro elevator requires a machine room.

The Freedom Elite is a luxury residential elevator model that can carry up to 1,500 pounds. It offers wood, stainless steel, and designer veneers for the interior and sliding doors crafted with stainless steel, wood veneers, or glass.

Visi 58Nationwide Lifts of Michigan also offers cable-driven home elevators. The Visi-48 has a clear octagonal design with an 11.9-square-foot interior. It can carry up to 744 pounds and can travel up to 50 feet and five stops. The Visi-58 is wheelchair-accessible and can transport up to 830 pounds. It can also travel up to 50 feet and make up to five stops.

Vision 350If you have a smaller amount of space available for a home elevator, a Vision pneumatic model may be what you need. The Vision 350 measures 30 inches wide and can transport up to 350 pounds. The Vision 450 model can carry two adults and transport up to 450 pounds. The Vision 550 home elevator is wheelchair-accessible and can carry up to 525 pounds. Our Vision elevators can be attached to a balcony or travel through a hole in the floor.

Don’t let limited mobility keep you or a family member from enjoying your entire house. Nationwide Lifts of Michigan can help you choose the right elevator that will provide access to all levels of your home.


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