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Almost all of Washington D.C.’s Metro Escalators Running Properly


If you aren’t from Washington D.C., you might not be as excited about this news. However, if you have ever had to walk up a long staircase at the airport or mall because the escalator is down, you can empathize with the people of D.C.

Washington D.C. is home to the second busiest Metro system in the entire country. All that usage creates wear and tear on the escalator systems, causing them to constantly need maintenance. The people of Washington D.C. know D.C. Metro Escalatorall too well how often the escalators are out of order. The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority proudly announced this week that almost all of their escalators are in working order.

Earlier in the week a press release revealed that 92 percent of the city’s escalators were up and running. Later that same day, the transit authority announced that they were then up to almost 95 percent! Compare that to the second quarter of 2011, where only 83 percent of escalators were working, and you can see how drastic the improvement is.

There are currently 588 escalators in the Metro system. As of now, only 16 are not being run because of planned maintenance and 14 because of unplanned outages. The rehabilitation effort by the Metro to get more escalators running has been a success. If you live in the D.C. area, you can enjoy taking the escalator instead of the stairs more often now.

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