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Aiding Handicapped Mobility

Elevators, escalators and stairlifts are very important to the mobility of people all around the world, especially those who are handicapped in some way. The majority of public transportation across the United States focuses on handicapped accessibility in the form of elevators, ramps and other means of easing transportation for handicapped riders. However, there are many areas in our public transportation systems that have issues that can directly affect people in wheelchairs and the like.

This isn’t due to the elevator breakdowns that I’ve discussed at length in this blog, but to outdated train platform areas that do not have accessibility for those who need the ability to use public transportation. For instance, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority is actually shutting down some T stops for 6 months, according to

“The MBTA will close the Lechmere and Science Park/West End Green Line stops for six months beginning Saturday as work begins to build new elevators at the Science Park/West End stop. Shuttle bus service will replace Green Line trolley service between North Station in Boston and the two closed stations through November, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority said.

The T is building two elevators at the Science Park/West End Station to improve accessibility for the disabled.The station platforms will also be widened, the platform canopies will be replaced, and the station stairways will be reconstructed.”

Even though this project will certainly aggravate some who consistently use public transportation, building elevators will be incredibly helpful to those with limited mobility and other medical conditions. As we progress into the future, more outdated areas and buildings will need to be updated to current handicapped accessibility codes with the installation of residential elevators and stairlifts.




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