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Advertisers Target Potential Customers in Elevators

elevator adsElevator advertising is popular for its ability to target a captive audience. Advertisers can appeal to a particular demographic and customize their ads based on gender, age, income, education level, weather, and time of day to get the most bang for their buck.

In addition to static signage and wrapped elevator doors and interiors, many elevators, particularly in office buildings, use internet connections to customize their advertising by location, time of day, and weather. For example, on a hot day, a coffee shop can advertise cold drinks, and on a cold day, it can advertise hot beverages.

Digital screens in office building elevators are typically divided into three sections. The bottom half is devoted to news headlines, the upper left is for live local weather information, and the upper right is for static, animated, or video ads. The screens can show content from a variety of licensed providers. They generally run 40 percent general news, 20 percent financial news, 20 percent work and lifestyle features, and 20 percent sports.

Advertising can be linked to news stories to make it more relevant. For example, an ad for an automaker might run in a corner of the screen along with a news story about recent American auto sales.

Elevator ads can include a call-to-action, such as encouraging a person to make a purchase. People riding elevators in office buildings often work online and have the ability to make online purchases.

elevator wrapElevators can also use more traditional forms of advertising, such as signage that is changed every month in smaller office and residential buildings. Elevator wraps are also popular in malls or at special events, such as trade shows or conferences. They can use the opening and closing of the elevator doors to create a memorable effect.

Companies in the airline, financial, auto, restaurant/fast food, coffee shop, travel, cell phone, and consumer electronics industries have experimented with elevator advertising.


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