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Adding a Commercial Elevator

Commercial buildings should have an elevator not only for convenience but also for accessibility. One option to give your building both of these qualities is the Freedom Commercial, an elevator that meets Limited Use Limited Application (LULA) requirements in the United States and Canada, is ADA compliant, and is ideal for a two or three-story building. Some features for this commercial elevator include:

• A hydraulic system. This is the most secure design in the event of a natural disaster.
• Ability to hold up to 1400 pounds. This gives your Freedom Commercial elevator several possibilities for your building. One can be used to move people between floors or even other objects, such as furniture, as long as it fits. However, this elevator does not meet size requirements for gurney access.
• Moving up to 30 feet per minute.
• Traveling up to 25 feet at one time.
• A 48 inch by 54 inch cab, with a height of 84 inches. This type of elevator also needs a 14 inch pit.
• Side-slide doors.
• A stainless steel and wood panel interior that can be customized with several woods and finishes. If you’re concerned about matching the elevator with the rest of the building, the interior has several possibilities for as close of a match as possible.
• Installation in 10 to 15 days.
• Emergency, battery-powered lowering, which is ideal in emergencies.
• A machine room.

For the latter, a machine room is a required fixture for a hydraulic elevator. A machine room needs to be added to your building when the Freedom Commercial elevator is being installed. In preparation, you should not only make sure you have adequate space but also power to the room and a functional telephone jack. Other recommendations for a machine room include extending fire and alarm signals to the space.


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