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About the Vision EC

If you have ever wanted a personal home elevator, but had reservations about the amount of construction required to fit this feature into your already existing two-floor structure, the Vision EC Residential Elevator will perfectly suit your needs. This elevator only needs a reinforced wall for its rail system and a floor cutout for sleek storage when not in use, making building a streamlined and efficient process. This allows homeowners to maximize already existing space while adding a luxurious lift system into their home. Other features of the Vision EC Residential Elevator include:

• Travel speeds up to 25 ft. per minute
• A weight capacity of up to 500 lbs.
• Powered by 115 VAC system
• No need for a pit, hoist system or machine room.
• Unlike most residential elevator systems, uses a fully contained hydraulic lift system for maximum comfort.
• Standard cab floor is 30” by 46” with a ceiling height of 78”
• Can travel up to 23 ft. high with the ability to stop twice.
• An advanced safety system featuring sensors that can detect a presence in both upwards and downwards operation.
• Emergency battery-powered lowering if a power outage occurs.
• Automatic emergency cab lighting for safe entry and exit.
• An alarm system to help call for help in case of a crisis.
• Stylish design with acrylic windows.

The Vision EC also has optional features that can further help your personal needs –
This includes several fully-customizable cab configurations, an automatic door opener and the ability to use outdoors. Also, there are various custom colors available – perfectly matching your elevator with your home décor. If these aspects fit the bill for your elevator needs, then the Vision EC Residential Elevator may be perfect for you and your home.


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