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About the Vision 830 Elevator

Vision 830 ElevatorOne unique aspect of contemporary elevators is the installation process. Because no hoistway needs to be installed, adding a home elevator, such as the Vision 830, is more affordable. Additionally, the acrylic hoistway that comes with the Vision 830 can be placed anywhere around your home. Some of the features of this particular elevator include:

• An integrated, clear acrylic hoistway and self-contained design. This allows the elevator to be placed almost anywhere in your home and reduces the installation costs of creating a hoistway.
• No shaft, pit, or machine room is needed. With a self-contained design, the elevator can be installed into your home on a flat surface.
• Use of a winding drum system. Two air craft cables are used to move the car.
• The ability to hold up to 830 pounds.
• Moving up to 30 feet per minute.
• Making two to five stops along the hoistway. The maximum distance between stops is 40 feet.
• A 14 square foot cab area, with a 52 inch diameter and height of 84 inches. This can be modified with a balcony and flush floor ring.
• Ability to accommodate wheelchairs.
• A panoramic view of the home as you ascend or descent.
• Recessed ceiling light to illuminate the cab.
• An automatic emergency lighting system.
• 230 volt operation.
• A three-inch ramp.
• No pit requirements.

With a contemporary design, the Vision 830 elevator is the pinnacle of practicality. Installation costs and time are significantly less than those for other home elevators. Additionally, your home doesn’t need significant modifications to accommodate this elevator. As panoramic styles become a popular choice for many home and commercial elevators, the Vision 830 gives you this design and the ability to have it installed affordably.


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