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About the Jeeves Dumbwaiter

Dumbwaiters are designed for commercial and residential uses, and the standard Jeeves dumbwaiter is designed for the latter. Dumbwaiters are ideal for moving items between floors – although not people – and Jeeves dumbwaiters come in three sizes to meet your needs. All Jeeves dumbwaiters come in three different sizes: 75 pounds, 125 pounds, and 250 pounds, with customized sizes available in this range. Other features for this dumbwaiter are:

• A motorized operation, with minimal installation and maintenance needed.
• An LCD display that shows the current operation and allows for troubleshooting.
• A pre-wired design to make installation quicker and easier.
• UL certification. Jeeves dumbwaiters are the only models in the United States that have this certification.
• A finished birch cab with dovetail joints and steel call buttons.
• A commercial-grade rail system to move between floors.
• Ability to move at 30 feet per minute, with 35 feet and four stops being the maximum distance the dumbwaiter can travel.
• 115 volt operation.
• Multiple safety devices, such as a slack cable, final limit, trolley brake, and interlock door.
• A roll-up door on the cab.

Adding an electric dumbwaiter to your home increases its value, if you plan on selling your current home one day. Common uses for the dumbwaiters includes moving foor, drinks, laundry, groceries, firewood, books, and more.


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