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About the Freedom Green Elevator

What are some of the options for making your home more accessible and environmentally-friendly at the same time? If you’re considering adding a home elevator to your space, the Freedom Green fits both of these requirements. This elevator uses a traction drive system to move, and here are some other features and benefits from using the Freedom Green:

• Energy savings of fifty percent. The traction drive system used for every Freedom Green incorporates a counterbalance system. As a result, the system’s motor requires only minimal power to operate and move the cab up and down floors.
• No machine room is needed. One benefit of adding the Freedom Green to your home is the lack of a machine room. Fewer materials are used in the construction and installation of the elevator system into your home, and the system ends up being more efficient to your space.
• No hydraulic oil is needed. One drawback of hydraulic elevators is the lubricant used to get the system to move. A typical home elevator using a hydraulic system needs 20 to 25 gallons of hydraulic oil to move the lifting cylinder. Unfortunately, if this fluid leaks into a water source, it can be an environmental hazard. This substance is eliminated from your home through the traction drive system the Freedom Green uses.
• Use of environmentally-friendly materials. All Freedom Green cabs contain 100-percent recycled or recovered wood content to give you an elevator that incorporates reused materials.

Aside from these benefits, the Freedom Green has another feature: customization. All Freedom Green cabs can be designed to your taste, with several colors of recycled or recovered wood and finishes for you to choose from. In addition to being beneficial to the environment, the elevator can have a custom design to match the interior of your home as closely as possible.


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