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About the Freedom 750 Home Elevator

How do you combine efficiency with an economical design? If you’re looking to make your home accessible, but don’t have a large amount of space for modifications, the Freedom 750 home elevator is an ideal choice. A hydraulic lift elevator, the Freedom 750 offers a 1000-pound capacity and the ability to move at 36 feet per minute. It is capable of travel up to 50 feet, and six floors. If a residential elevator meets your needs, here are some the specific, distinguishing features of the Freedom 750:

• Several safety features. This includes a battery-powered lowering system, an emergency alarm, and automatic door locks.
• A few options for door configurations. While a standard, single-side door comes with the basic model of the Freedom 750, doors can be made to be walkthrough at 90 and 180 degrees.
• The basic Freedom 750 elevator cab is 35 inches by 48 inches and 80 inches tall, although upgrades, such as a height of 95 inches instead, are possible.
• Cabs are also equipped with a floor indicator, recessed ceiling lights, and illuminated push buttons inside.
• A machine room. As another safety aspect, all hydraulic elevators are required to have a machine room. The Freedom 750 can have a machine room of three feet wide by two feet deep and should have elevator power controls and a telephone jack routed from the room to the elevator cab.
• Installation takes three to four days to complete.

The Freedom 750 is the smallest hydraulic lift made by Nationwide Lifts and is the most economical. Modifying a home for better accessibility has become the norm, and the Freedom 750 can fit inside many multi-floor homes and small buildings.


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