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About the Electra-Ride LT Straight Stair Lift

One available option for modifying many homes is to install a stair lift. This device aligns with your staircase and takes you or another family member from one floor to the next. Particularly convenient for two-story homes, stair lifts come in straight and curved varieties. The Electra-Ride LT Straight stair lift is of the former and offers several features that make mobility in your home easier. Some of these include:

• The capacity to carry up to 275 pounds.
• A compact design. All seats, arms, and foot rests flip up and won’t be an impediment for others using the staircase.
• Adjustable seat height and a lowering foot rest. Find the height that works best for your frame.
• Smooth and quiet traveling. When moving up the stairs, the seat experiences no stalling or hesitation.
• A swivel seat that moves between 67 and 90-degree angles. Stand up out of the seat at a direction or angle that works best for you.
• Meeting all ANSI A-18.1 residential requirements.
• Blends in with your existing stairs. The covered gear rack makes for a clean and attractive rail and won’t stand out against your existing stairs and trim.
• Two remote wireless call and send controls.
• A space of 18.5 inches between armrests.
• Safety sensors on the footplate and carriage.
• An adjustable seat belt and buckle.

If walking up the stairs has become difficult, purchasing a stair lift would make getting up to the second floor considerably easier. The Electra-Ride LT Straight stair lift offers this convenience for moving between floors. The stair lift simply aligns with your current staircase and, once installed, will make getting around easier. Why purchase another home and move when the addition of a straight stair lift can modify your existing one?


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