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About the Electra-Ride Elite Outdoor Stair Lift

Stair lifts can be an effective way to help elderly and handicapped persons move freely between Electra-Ride Elite Outdoor Stair Lift floors of their houses, but what about when a house isn’t accessible from the outside? With
Electra-Ride’s Elite Outdoor Stair Lift
, staircases outside of homes are ascended and descended with ease. This stair lift meets ANSI A18.1 requirements and runs on two 12-volt batteries that require no special wiring – just plug into any standard outlet. The Elite Outdoor Stair Lift also features:

• Fully adjustable, contoured seat along with a large, accommodating seat size.
• Adaptable armrests and footrests to make your seating as comfortable as possible
• A weight capacity of up to 400 lbs.
• A weather-resistant cover system that does not require any fumbling – it moves with the lift as it operates.
• Stainless steel hardware tested for use in temperatures ranging from 0°F to 125°F.
• Powder-coated paint for peak protection from any outdoor conditions
• A locking swivel seat at moves at the top and bottom of the stairway.
• Special soft-start and soft-start controls for maximum comfort.
• Easy installation – can be placed on either side of the stairway as close as 7” from the side.
• An on-board audio and visual diagnostic system for simpler and more concise service if problems arise.
• Available custom length tracks for difficult areas outside of your home.
• Effortless wheelchair transfers with flip-up armrests
• Battery power that ensures usage even during outages

The Electra-Ride Outdoor Stair Lift is a premiere system for anyone needing assistance with stairways on patios, decks, porches and any other area where ramps aren’t available outside of your home. It will make your movement up and down outdoor stairs effortless and will provide you with the comfort and security of any indoor stair lift.


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