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About the Apex 750 and Apex 750+

Wheelchair lifts are essential tools that enable wheelchair-bound persons to move freely throughout buildings, including their own homes. Without one, it would be very difficult to maneuver around many different areas in a wheelchair. The Apex 750 is a top-of-the-line vertical platform lift that operates on 115 VAC and comfortably fits into residential and commercial areas. Some features include:

• This lift can hold 750 lb. and lifts to 12 feet high with up to two stops.
• Speed of up to 25 feet per minute
• A hydraulic system for smooth operation with constant pressure up and down buttons.
• A cab platform of 34” wide by 54” deep that is big enough for any standard wheelchair.
• Side guard panels for comfort and safety
• A pit is not required, but one can be added to avoid hitting the ramp.
• An emergency battery powered lowering system with automatic battery recharging for crises like power outages
• Automatic emergency lighting for added safety
• Emergency alarm/stop button

There are several optional features available for the Apex 750 including landing gates and doors, outdoor operation, various exit configurations and a platform-located folding seat for added relief. If the Apex 750 doesn’t sound like the right fit for your needs, then maybe the Apex 750 Plus is what you’re looking for.

The Plus model has all of the amenities of the Apex 750, but has its own aluminum shaft with clear acrylic panels for added security and comfort. Suitable for inside and outside applications, the Apex 750 Plus also has available automatic door openers for landing areas.


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