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A Truly Terrifying Tower

The Disney theme parks (Disneyland in California and Disneyworld in Florida) are incredibly popular spots for vacations, particularly during the summer and fall seasons. One of the most spectacular of Disney’s ride creations is the Tower of Terror, a screamingly long free fall in an elevator from the top floor of a fake hotel. Inspired by the Twilight Zone TV series, the ride is a truly terrifying drop, lurching passengers towards the ceiling of the elevator cabin.

Preying on the fear that some people have of an elevator malfunctioning and free falling into doom, both American Disney parks have a Tower of Terror that excites park guests every day. The ride takes you up 183 feet in a motorized elevator cabin that moves like a roller coaster through bizarre hotel scenes of floating eyeballs and other Twilight Zone themed amusements. Once the cab hits a wall, it makes a jarring noise and the whole thing moves up slowly. Then suddenly the piece of wall in front of you flies open and you see the entirety of the Disney park for a few seconds. Next thing you know, you’re free falling down an elevator shaft that gives riders several negative G forces – for a few moments, everyone is weightless.

Unfortunately for one guest, the Tower of Terror was more than he bargained for. In a bizarre twist on the free fall concept of the Tower of Terror, a man was injured on the Californian version of the ride last week, but not because of the normal drop – the man fell off a station area and landed 25 feet below on the ground. No worries though…he released with minor injuries from the local hospital.

Next time, I suggest that he just take a normal elevator.


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