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A Stair Lift Can Help Florida Seniors Remain Independent

Limited mobility is a concern for many Florida seniors. If you have trouble going up and down the stairs in or outside your house, a stair lift from Nationwide Lifts of Florida can help you remain in your home and be independent.

Electra Ride LTThe Electra-Ride LT stair lift can help you go up and down a straight staircase in your home. The low footrest makes it easy to get on, and the adjustable swivel seat makes it simple to exit once you have reached your destination. The seat, arms, and footrest can be folded up when not in use to allow other people to walk up and down the stairs. The Electra-Ride LT’s rack-and-pinion drive system allows it to operate smoothly and quietly without hesitation. The covered gear track creates a clean and attractive rail. The unit can carry up to 275 pounds and includes many standard features.

Electra Ride IIIIf your home includes a curved staircase, the Electra-Ride III stair lift can make the upper floors accessible. The stair lift can be customized to fit any curved staircase. The unit’s powerful drive system uses a self-locking worm gear with rack-and-pinion design for a smooth ride. The unit can safely transport up to 350 pounds. The adjustable speed control allows you to choose a comfortable rate of speed for your trip. The Electra-Ride III’s Inside Turns allow the stair lift to pass through doors and room entrances. The Wraparound Park Positions allow you to enter and exit the stair lift away from the stairs, and the tight turn and narrow rail keep your staircase clear for other people to walk up and down. The Electra-Ride III is powered by two rechargeable 12-volt batteries and can operate even in the event of a power outage.

Electra Ride EliteIf you have trouble getting up and down stairs outside your house, an Electra-Ride Elite outdoor stair lift could be the solution you need. It offers safety and durability and can stand up to the elements year-round. It features a honeycomb rail design for increased stability and visual coded diagnostics to determine the stair lift’s operational status. The Electra-Ride Elite can transport up to 400 pounds safely and has sensors to detect any obstructions on the stairs. The offset swivel seat makes it easy to get on and off the stair lift. It is powered by two rechargeable 12-volt batteries that enable it to work even if you lose electricity in your home.

Nationwide Lifts of Florida can help seniors remain independent in their homes. If you live in a multi-level house and have limited mobility, a stair lift can help you regain access to all of the rooms in your home.


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