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A Lickable Elevator

Jaffa CakesThere are only a few rules to follow when you are in an elevator and general etiquette always wins out if you are concerned about what you are doing. Don’t stand too close to fellow passengers if you can help it. Don’t cough without covering your mouth. Don’t stare at another passenger for the whole ride. However much we all follow these rules of the lift, sometimes there are things that drive people to throw the rules out the window.

In this blog we have talked about some elevator promotions involving advertising inside and outside of elevators that use optical illusions to enhance the imagery of a campaign. Currently, there is one campaign going on at an office building in London that looks normal – no visual effects, just pictures of Jaffa Cakes – a pastry – on the elevator walls. There’s one difference – if you break convention and lick the cakes, you taste the cake.

This idea, developed by Jaffa Cakes’ manufacturer McVitie, was inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the famous book by Roald Dahl. According to Mail Online, staff members at the building seem to enjoy the campaign, but with some reservations:

“It seems like a brilliant idea to life the mood of workers – sticking more than 1,300 Jaffa Cakes to the walls of an office block’s lift. But with the average person’s tongue home to billions of bacteria, some will ask if this outlandish stunt really is a good idea.”

However, the project (which took a month to install) has a caveat that should make germaphobes a lot happier – the cakes are removable:

“Addressing the hygiene issue, a Jaffa Cakes spokesman said: ‘The wallpaper consists of Jaffa Cake-flavoured stickers which are removed and replaced once licked. ‘Once a Jaffa Cake flavoured spot is licked the spot is removed by a lift attendant who is in the lift the whole time staff have access. His job is to stop any licking crossover, and potential germ spreading.’”

What do you think about this ambitiously eccentric campaign?


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