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A Dumbwaiter Can Help You Move Items in Your Home or Business

dumbwaiterIf you frequently need to move heavy or large items from one floor to another in your home or business, climbing the stairs can be a challenge. Make transporting items easier and avoid accidents by installing a residential or commercial dumbwaiter.

A dumbwaiter is an ideal solution for transporting items in a multi-story home. A dumbwaiter can connect your basement to the upper floors of your home, making it easier to transport a laundry basket to and from the basement or to carry groceries to the kitchen. With a dumbwaiter, you will no longer have to navigate flights of stairs carrying heavy, bulky items, thus preventing you from accidentally falling or dropping something.

Installing a dumbwaiter can also help your business operate more smoothly. Dumbwaiters are ideal for transporting dishes in restaurants, boxes of documents in offices, or heavy, bulky equipment in other types of businesses. They can help your employees move items quickly and safely, reducing the risk of accidents and making your business operate more efficiently.

A dumbwaiter from Nationwide Lifts is easy to use. Simply load the items you wish to transport, close the roll-up gate, and press a button to move the items from floor to floor. A dumbwaiter can be configured to operate between two or more floors in your home or business.

Dumbwaiters operate on a rail system and are equipped with standard safety features, including a slack cable, final limit, trolley brake, and locking door. Dumbwaiters come in a variety of sizes and can carry up to 500 pounds.

If you routinely have to carry large or heavy items up and down the stairs in your home or business, consider installing a dumbwaiter from Nationwide Lifts. You can avoid falling or dropping items and minimize the time needed to transport objects from one floor to another, making your business run more efficiently or giving you more free time at home.


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