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A Disappearing Home Elevator for Sale

Car ElevatorOne of the most memorable elevators you will see in your life is in the Batman movies and comic books. When rich playboy billionaire Bruce Wayne has to get to his Batcave for transformation into the Dark Knight, he jettisons down to his cavern in a secret elevator, hidden in different ways throughout Batman’s many cinematic adventures. Even though he has the money and the cars, Bruce Wayne still doesn’t have a car elevator, the newest trendy style of home elevator.

According to one article, one millionaire has combined the secrecy of the Batcave’s elevator with the convenience of a car elevator at his secluded Nevada compound. CNNMoney reports that Tom Gonzales – who made his fortune on the internet – recently installed a disappearing car elevator that literally goes subterranean:

“Gonzalez, who was co-founder of the once high-flying e-commerce company Commerce One, commissioned a massive 12-foot- by 60-foot custom-built aircraft elevator, the type used to lift planes up onto the flight decks of aircraft carriers. When the elevator isn’t moving cars, it’s camouflaged with rocks, plants and trees — both real and artificial.”

Why would Gonzalez need such an elaborate system installed? To hold his expensive vehicles of course! The article says that the millionaire has more than 400 cars, but the space beneath his installed custom elevator only holds 30 vehicles and a few dozen motorcycles. When he needs to protect his most prized vehicles, he simply drives them into the lift and they disappear into the ground, where they can be stored away from the elements.

Gonzalez is selling this car elevator along with his entire compound, which boasts a lot of property and other high tech features:

“Above ground is a three-bedroom, 2,100-square-foot home that Gonzales calls the Carriage House. The property is being sold as part of Gonzales’ $50 million compound, which includes three other homes, or as a separate parcel for $8.9 million.”



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