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13 Year Old Elevator Enthusiast takes his Hobby very Seriously

Elevator Enthusiast
Trevor Birchett spends most of his day doing what most teenagers do: checking their Facebook. One day after school, Trevor was hanging out with his friends when he saw a video about elevators come up on his news feed. His friends laughed about the post, but Trevor was intrigued. From that day on, Trevor Birchett would join a small group of people who are active elevator enthusiasts.

Birchett joined an exclusive club of about 200 people in the country who show off their passion for elevators by seeking out the newest models, film them, and then post the videos online for fellow enthusiasts. Born and raised in Southaven, Tennessee, Trevor would describe himself as a quirky kid. He has been a meteorology buff for a long time, even posting videos on YouTube of himself narrating the day’s weather. However, that hobby seems a little Custom Elevatormore “normal,” now that Trevor is a self-proclaimed elevator photographer. His love for elevators has been strong since he was 11, and now boasts a collection of old elevator parts and a very successful YouTube channel within the photographer community. Trevor spends most of his free time looking for the most luxurious elevators in his area.

Since Trevor is not old enough to drive yet, it is his parent Tammy and Keith who drive him around the county in search of the star for his next video. While his parents don’t share the same elevator enthusiasm, they love the passion he shows. Trevor also will sometimes allow his parents to ride the elevators with him, as long as they don’t talk or get in the frame.

There are many qualities that peak Trevor’s interest in a particular elevator. He enjoys elevators that are modern or charmingly vintage, that have a nice ride, and that have a beautiful view. One local elevator in particular is the young enthusiast’s favorite. A glass elevator at the downtown Memphis Marriott has a special place in Trevor’s heart. The ride is particularly favorable because at the 19th floor you get a panoramic view of the river. For his video of this lift, Trevor rides it several times, filming the view on the ascent.

Trevor also enjoys more than just the visual aspects of an elevator; he is very versed in the mechanics of them. He has an admiration for the mechanics, the motors, the leveling (how an elevator decides when to open the doors as it stops moving), the control panels, indicator lights, and even the buttons.

Birchett is not alone, as one of his closest photographer buddies, James Brock, takes trips to Memphis to share their hobby. Both of the elevator enthusiasts say that there are social consequences of their hobby at school. However, when Trevor tells classmates how he gets paid for advertisements that get run on his YouTube channel, they usually stop talking. While it may be an odd hobby, Trevor definitely takes it as serious as someone would a more socially-accepted hobby.


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